Professional Answers For Core Criteria For Night Cream

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During the summer months, Dr. Sherry Ingraham of Advanced Dermatology and Skincare says she sees an increase in patients - not because of sunburns, but because of oily, acne-prone skin. Michele Deutsch is one of the patients. She loves exercising, but she doesn't love what it does to her skin in the summer. "It's so humid here that my skin, which normally isn't oily, gets oily. I'm washing my skin more than I should be washing it to take the oil off my skin," says Deutsch. Dr. Ingraham says continuous to wash isn't the best answer. "What you want to ครีมหน้าขาวราคาถูกมีอย think about in the summer is cleansing but not over-stripping, which can lead to more oil, so I recommend using micellar waters," says Dr. Ingraham.

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