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The future of retail is permanent pop-up shops, according to this startup Follow any of the bleak headlines on the woes of traditional retail lately, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that mall-type stores are going the way of your local Blockbuster. Growing numbers of online shoppers, the narrative goes, are suffocating department stores, apparel outlets, and everything in between. Are we headed for a future without retail stores? Bulletin is betting on just the opposite. “This is the cheesiest way to say this but brick-and-mortar isn’t dead, it’s just broken,” said Bulletin CEO and co-founder Alana Branston. “A lot of physical retail fails because these extremely dated companies sort of throw a store together and sign a 10-year lease.” In other words, it's not that stores don't have a future — it's just that they need to look and operate differently. Branston thinks Bulletin can be that future.  The young Y-Combinator-backed startup operates a small chain of New York stores stocked almost exclusively with otherwise online-only brands that pay for the privilege of appearing on their shelves.  Its business model seems to prove that even small digital upstarts still see value in an old-fashioned storefront. SEE ALSO: Retail chains are floundering and it's not because of Amazon Bulletin's “concept” shops — stores organized around a unifying topic or theme — are sort of like the physical embodiment of a lifestyle blog — think: Goop , the store. There's a guiding mission behind each space that's more nuanced and specific than your average retail outlet.  And unlike a retail outlet, you're not going to find the same old stuff. They feature up-and-coming products from otherwise online-only brands that literally can’t be found at any other store.  Bland fluorescent-lit department store aisles of dime-a-dozen wares won’t cut it in today’s web-saturated environment; consumers want stores to provide a unique comprehensive experience that justifies their visit, experts say.

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